My Invaluable Resources List

Quite a few folks have asked me in the recent past about stuff I read / watch / listen to that is related to programming / tech. I’m a big fan of learning cool new stuff, and over the years I’ve put together what I think is a really great collection of resources that I use as the main ways that I develop my craft. I’ll break them down here in what I see as the three big group of resources that I rely on.

###Podcasts I love listening to podcasts! You’d think that something as visual as programming would be hard to explain through only audio, but there are really SO many things that are wonderful to convey through this medium. Plus it’s just so convenient for me to listen while I’m out walking the dog, or to have them on in the background while I’m playing with my son, or doing dishes, etc. Here are the technical podcasts which I listen to every episode of:

  • Ruby Rougues (The granddaddy of Ruby podcasts)
  • Ruby 5 (All the quick Ruby news you need!)
  • JS 5 (All the quick JavaScript news you need!)
  • The Bike Shed (Maybe my favorite podcast these days - such great technical information on so many different topics!)
  • Giant Robots Smashing Into Other Giant Robots (Not really a technical podcast anymore, but I still get a lot from it on the ‘business’ side of being a developer)
  • The Ruby On Rails Podcast (A little slower in pace than some of them, but still a good source of knowledge)
  • Elixir Fountain (The one and only Elixir podcast - as far as I know. It’s really good, though!)

And I listen to most episodes of:

  • The Changelog (if they’re covering something in PHP or some language I have no interest in whatsoever, I’ll skip that episode)
  • Javascript Jabber (I love that it comes out every week, but I don’t really need to hear about yet another javascript MVC framework, so I’ll skip some if it’s not interesting to me)

I feel like I’d be doing the world a disservice if I didn’t also share the non-technical podcasts which I think are totally amazing and worth everyone’s time:

###Screencasts When I need to learn something new, video is usually the first place I go. YouTube is great, but there are a few paid series that I think have been HUGE in helping me level up my Ruby skills, and have been really amazing at helping me learn Elixir.

And on the free side of the coin, I spend a good amount of time on Confreaks checking out talks from conferences that I can’t attend (which is all of them).

###Email newsletters I don’t like having to check sites all the time, or to spend a lot of time on Twitter and the like. I do like having other people that basically do that for me and then send me the cool stuff in a weekly newsletter!