Devon C. Estes

Avoiding flaky tests in Phoenix

There is far and way a single assertion in ExUnit that is responsible for more test flakiness than any other. It's probably the culprit for more than half of all test failures that shouldn't fail. »

How I run tests

In recent weeks I've learned that it's not just writing tests that's important to me, but actually how I use them to benefit my development that matters as well. »

Phoenix contexts aren't finished yet

I recently migrated a Phoenix app from 1.2 to 1.3, including introducing some contexts. I like the concept in general, but I think the current implementation (from the few examples I've seen, and from the examples in the official documentation) isn't quite finished yet. »

My New Favorite Elixir Testing Trick

When I write my Ruby tests, I'm a big fan of using test doubles and asserting those doubles receive messages with the correct arguments. I guess I like to practice what Justin Searls calls Discovery Testing »

Refactoring for Tests in Elixir

I've been turning something over in my mind recently, so I'm going to try and write down some of these thoughts to get some clarity around my thinking here. Now that my talks are over for a while, I'm able to dive back »