About Me

Howdy! My name is Devon, and I write code. Most of the time when I’m writing code people pay me to do it, but sometimes I write code just for fun! I’m one of the maintainers of Benchee and of the Elixir track on exercism.io. I also like contributing to Elixir, Credo, Scenic, and RSpec Core. If you hadn’t guessed, open source is pretty important to me. You can see all my open source stuff on my GitHub profile.

I also do other things for fun, like spending time with my family, playing chess, and studying German. Well, to be honest, studying German isn’t really for fun, but mostly because I live in Germany, and speaking German is a really useful skill to have when you live in Germany. I’ve lived in Berlin since 2015, and before that I lived in California and New York (although never at the same time).

Occasionally I also get up in front of people to talk about things that are interesting to me. Here’s a partial list of some of the talks and workshops I’ve given:

  • Elixir Testing - From Zero to Hero - ElixirConfEU 2020
  • Embedded Application Development (for Web Developers) - GOTO Berlin 2019
  • Comparing common concurrency patterns in Elixir and Erlang - Code BEAM Lite Berlin 2019 and LambdaDays 2020
  • Inside memory management on the BEAM - Code BEAM Lite Munich 2018
  • Digging through the garbage - Code BEAM Lite Berlin 2018
  • It’s a Small World - LambdaDays 2018
  • Functions in Ruby - Ruby Dev Summit 2017
  • Refactoring Elixir: Lessons Learned From A Year on Exercism.io - ElixirConf.eu 2017
  • Make Your Life Easier with Shell Scripting and UNIX Tools - RailsConf 2017
  • The Fun in Functional - RubyDay 2016
  • The Beginner’s Guide to Open Source - Newbie Remote Conf 2016
  • The “New” Attributes API in Rails 5 - Fog City Ruby 2016

If you want to hear me talk about things on the internet, I’ve also been on a couple podcasts. You can check those out here:

Want to get in touch with me? I’d love that! The best way to reach me is on twitter at @devoncestes, and I occasionally respond to emails at devon.c.estes AT gmail DOT com.