Devon C. Estes

A proposal for an Absinthe application structure

One of the great things about GraphQL is how broad the abstractions are. Everything is just an "object", with "fields"! This makes things infinitely composable, and is where a good deal of the power in GraphQL comes from. But, like all things, there are downsides to this - first and foremost is that it makes organizing a project difficult. »

Writing (and testing) a custom Credo check

I've previously written about why one might want to write custom Credo checks, but I didn't talk about the way I actually like to go about doing it in that post, so today I'm going to break down my workflow for writing custom Credo checks. »

The truth about hiring

It's the end of the decade, and I'm breaking from my normal technical posts for something different that's been bugging me for the last couple of months. »

A Sneak Peek at Elixir 1.10

It's already the middle of November, and that means that before you know it, January will be here - and January means time for a new version of Elixir! »

Adding Gleam to your Elixir project

There's a really cool new BEAM language out there called Gleam. It's super early days for the language, but what it offers (strong type safety) I think is worth some experimentation for folks that are interested. »